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Alive Magazine—October 9, 2012

by Dr. Robert Brown

Eating and breathing are basic functions. Everyone knows that. As it turns out, the two best ways to control your blood alkalinity, and therefore your health, are proper diet and proper breathing.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 for discovering that acid blood could be one of the major causes of cancer.

He also found that low blood oxygen also caused cancer. Low oxygen and acid blood go hand in hand. Dr. Colon Dong more recently found that other diseases could be related to blood pH and developed a diet that arrested arthritis and went on to control diabetes. Dr. Dong was responsible for arresting more than 10,000 cases of arthritis with diet alone.

A terrif ic way to maintain proper blood chemistry is through proper breathing. Occasionally obese patients and chronic pain patients will acquire a habit of breathing in their chest. You can even see them raise their shoulders as they inhale. The result of this practice is a decrease in the level of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is, among other things, responsible f or three very important functions.

First, the production of bicarbonates which contribute to the alkalinity of the blood; second, the control of breathing by stimulating the carotid sinuses; and third, the stimulation of the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin which is the major source of oxygen. If you have ever experienced altitude sickness and corrected it by breathing into a bag, you just had a demonstration of increasing the carbon dioxide to stimulate the release of oxygen.

Of course, doctors must appraise patients holistically. When was the last time a prof essional checked your breathing or your diet? I mean really checked? Just these two f actors alone can severely af f ect your health and address symptoms that are usually covered with prescriptions. A holistic exam will address your blood alkalinity, or pH, and it turns out that there are two major ways of controlling your blood alkalinity, diet and proper breathing.

Recently I wrote a column on the Paleo Diet. Properly done this is the perf ect alkaline diet. The Alkaline diet, requires a minimal intake of f oods that contain high levels of protein (meat), dairy, grains (gluten) and sugar, plus no processed (read convenience) foods.

If you would like to grow the most magnif icent cancer, f irst get your blood acid up (your jewelry will tell you when your skin turns black under copper or silver). Eat a lot of carbohydrate and sugar (cancer loves sugar as well as the bacteria love it as they use up any oxygen in their area). Remember low oxygen causes cancer.

Now you are ready. All you have to do is smoke, eat f ried f oods in bad oil or get exposed to radiation (if you are really good at bad eating, the sun is enough). If cancer were caused by the sun alone, we would not be here. It’s diet!

Now, if you would prefer to avoid cancer, here are a f ew suggestions to include in your meals: vegetables like artichokes, cabbage, carrots, kale, celery, spinach, garlic and onions, plus fruits like avocado, peaches, seeds; sesame, flax, lentils, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Fats and oils like olive oil, flax seed oil, and coconut oil will help improve your blood. Drinks should primarily consist of water, soy milk, almond milk, vegetable juice, grapefruit juice and herbal tea.

You can go on the Internet f or more alkaline diet suggestions. By the way, while you are there you will f ind the typical pill pushers and alkaline water pushers who create alkaline blood while leaving out the nutrition and the anti aging as well as health benefits. Ignore those people. If you already have cancer, hyper oxygenated water and alkaline water could help enhance your chemotherapy. The more advanced clinics are aware of this and do much more.

One of my practices is dedicated to helping patients out of head and neck pain. I have experienced it myself before I changed my habits. I f ind so much enjoyment giving my patients their life back. When they follow all my instructions the rewards are incredible. In my own case I was a very athletic young man suff ering many broken bones with the resulting arthritis. When I corrected my nutrition everything changed. I would never go back. And you can have the same results if you receive holistic care and are disciplined with your diet and pay attention to your breathing.

Robert Brown, DDS has a TMJ and sleep apnea practice in Danville and thoroughly enjoys discussing holistic medicine. You can contact him at 925-837-8048