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Robert Brown, DDS began practicing orthodontics in 1964. He attended U.C. Berkeley, majoring in Physiology, then went on to UCSF Medical Center to complete his training in dentistry and orthodontics.  Having a strong interest in science and research, he became a member of the Foundation for Orthodontic Research and worked with some of world’s leading orthodontists to advance that field and remain abreast of the latest developments.

Dr. Brown has always expressed a sincere interest in the welfare of his patients. Shortly after beginning his practice in 1964 he became very concerned with the flagrant use of drugs in the teenage community. This led to his founding of the Discovery Counseling Center in Danville, CA which is now a pillar of our community, serving thousands of teens and adults with their emotional needs affordably. In June of 1977 he created the first “Dial-A-Ride” for senior citizens called the “Senior Mini Bus Service”.  This service provided free rides to local seniors to aid in their independence and well being.

In the early 70’s Dr. Brown became interested in the condition then known as TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction).  He also began a pursuit into the study of holistic and alternative medicine. Soon after, he began treating TMJ disorders and myofacial pain dysfunction, MFPD.   Working as an orthodontist he was very careful to create a functional bite in addition to being a cosmetically pleasing result.  A functional bite aids in the reduction of TMD symptoms.  Through his work experience as well as his studies with The Foundation for Orthodontic Research, Dr. Brown was one of the first orthodontists in Contra Costa County who included the consideration of the patient’s airway when developing his orthodontic treatment plans.  It was common practice to treat crowded teeth and overbites with four bicuspid extraction and headgear.  A child would wait until all of their permanent teeth were in and then orthodontic treatment would begin.  Unfortunately, many adults today have sleep apnea that was caused by poorly planned orthodontics.   Dr. Brown would avoid extractions of permanent teeth whenever possible; start younger, encouraging proper growth and arch development; and develop a mouth and airway that was optimal. 

In 2005, Dr. Brown’s interest in the development of the airway lead him to the study of dental appliances for sleep apnea.  He became a member of several sleep organizations and began providing this service to his patients. 

In 2010, Dr. Brown retired from orthodontics.  His passion for helping patients and for remaining active in the dental world, lead to the creation of his practice, Advanced Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Center.  Here he is able to focus on TMD therapy and Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea.  His holistic approach continues in this practice.  His desire to learn the most recent and cutting edge treatment methods continue to this day.  Plan some extra time when you come for your appointment with Dr. Brown as he has planned extra time for you as well.   

In 2014 Dr. Brown became a published author as well.  His first book, Why? The Question That Could Save Your Life is available on Amazon and Kindle. He is currently working on his second book and also writes a monthly column for Alive Magazine.  His articles are archived at Aliveeastbaycom.