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TMJ Testimonials O

“I just came out of my last appointment with Doc Brown. Bittersweet really. Him and his daughter Aimee are a pleasure to be around.
I was struggling with TMJ for a long time…getting stronger and stronger pain medication from my regular doctor and hating to take it. Not only that, but also not resolving the situation…just getting worse. The doc suggested PT. I learned a lot about TMJ but the stuff they recommended were not really working either.

Finally, I end up with a recommendation for Doc Brow and loved him from the first visit. He’s the rare type of doctor that has as a goal to treat the trigger and not the consequence, not the symptoms but the cause.

I learned a lot with him about the importance of a healthier diet to prevent all kinds of inflammation I normally have (sinus, tendon pain, jaw pain…)….. I’m still not 100% into the diet but the few changes I’ve been doing per his recommendations plus the splinter he made for me are really solving my problem and other health issues in my life. I’m very glad I found him and I recommend it 100%.

He also has a book about what he teaches in his appointments. Also great.”

-Debora, TMJ patient (Pleasant Hill, CA )


“My mother was referred to Dr. Brown for her TMJ problem and after years of suffering sleepless nights and daily pain, she is finally pain free!!

Dr. Brown and his staff are very professional and care about the patients. They always made my mother and I feel very comfortable and answered all of our questions.

We are extremely satisfied with the results!! Thank you Dr. Brown!!”

-Carmen, daughter of TMJ patient (San Leandro, CA)


“I came across an article today in a local magazine. The subject was prescription drugs and I found the article really interesting. Your book “Why” caught my interest. My wife and children are on various meds and the results seem mixed. Often, the meds cause other issues. I was on meds a few years ago for GERD but saw no improvement. Ginger root actually solved the problem but I guess that’s not a big money maker. I am really interested in alternatives to what the medical field is pushing. It’s really sad money is such a large influence. I look forward to reading your book.”

-Anonymous, prior orthodontic patient


 “My daughter was experiencing headaches and jaw pain. We made a last minute appointment with Dr. Brown to have her checked before she left to go back to college. He explained she needed a custom jaw splint. He then made a mold and put a rush on the device so she would have it before she left. After wearing it the first couple of nights, no more jaw pain and the headaches are gone! Thank you Dr. Brown and Amy!”

-Lynne, TMJ patient’s mom (Alamo, CA)

I have been wearing my dental appliance for sleep apnea for a few years now, and every night is bliss. I can’t tell you how thankful I have to Dr. Brown and his staff for fitting me in so quickly. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.  I live in the Central Valley and I don’t mind the 4 hour trip up North for my appointments.  Dr. Brown has truly changed the way I sleep which has changed my life.”

-Veronica, OSA patient (Visalia, CA)


“Dr. Brown is a 5+ star TMJ doc!  I was referred to Dr. Brown after experiencing sudden pain and unusual sounds in my jaw.  Dr. Brown gave me a complete explanation of my condition and quickly fixed me up with a custom splint, carefully hand-made to fit perfectly.  Dr. Brown is kind, professional, very informative and goes above & beyond in his care for patients. It is easy to see why so many who suffer from TMJ are referred to him!  The office manager is also very friendly, helpful and efficient.  I highly recommend Dr. Brown’s practice!!”

-Julie, TMJ patient (Danville, CA)


“I showed up 45 minutes early because I thought traffic would be bad. They were able to get me in early. I was fitted for a dental device for sleep apnea in about 30 minutes. I was finished 15 minutes prior to my regular scheduled appointment. Dr. Brown explained what my problem was and showed me everything on the computer screen as it was occurring. I only had to ask 1 or 2 questions, both of which he answered right away. So far I am very pleased and look forward to getting my device in about 4 weeks. I would recommend Dr. Brown. Oh ya…the receptionist was also very nice and helpful!”

-Sean, OSA patient (Vallejo, CA)


“After experiencing years of restless sleep and finding zero improvement with a C-Pap device, a business associate recommended a visit to Dr. Robert Brown’s office. It was the beginning of a renewed memory of deep and restorative sleep! Dr. Brown gave me an opportunity to see just what my restricted air path was doing to me. I was hopeful that he could help me. His knowledge and recommendation of the SomnoMed dental appliance for my severe sleep apnea was a real gift-the gift of sleep! It has been one week since I started using it and the results are nothing short of amazing! There are some minor issues of excess saliva(nothing on the pillowcase) and a slight discomfort with the lower jaw for about 2 minutes after removal. The minor trade-off is well worth the slight issues!  If you have a diagnosis of acute or severe sleep apnea, I highly recommend you contact Dr. Brown’s office and discover just what a difference a good night’s sleep can mean for you. And it could mean a healthier and safer life for your loved ones who will be happy that the excessive snoring is finally put to rest! – An eternally grateful Brian”

-Brian, OSA patient (Danville, CA)


“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and called Dr. Brown to discuss an oral appliance.  I got an appointment immediately and had my custom appliance within two weeks.  The first night I used it I got the best sleep I’d had in years.  Over the next few weeks I felt more rested and had an energy level I hadn’t felt in a long time.  The appliance is great when I travel and I’m thankful for the care I’ve received.”

-Caren, OSA patient (Danville, CA)


“Superb service!  Really cares about patient health.  After just a couple of nights use, the pain in my jaw went away and hasn’t come back.  I can’t describe the difference the splint has made!  Good night’s sleep and waking up pain-free.  Highly recommend Dr. Brown if you’re experiencing pain in the jaw/ear area from grinding/clenching.”

-Ed, TMJ patient (Dublin, CA)


“I’ve had a great experience with my SomnoMed dental appliance.  Thank you Dr. Brown!  I no longer snore and my sleep apnea is gone.  Thanks.”

-Arnie, OSA patient (Danville, CA)


“I felt awful before Dr. Brown treated my TMJ.  Now I feel amazing and can finally get a good night’s sleep!”

-Amy, TMJ patient (San Ramon, CA)


“I have known Dr. Brown for over 25 years.  He has treated multitudes of my patients for orthodontics, TMJ problems and sleep apnea.  I have always appreciated his willingness to work with patient’s own growth curves and timing.  Dr. Brown has always achieved superior results for our patients. I would highly recommend him!!”

Dr. Mark Nadler, DDS


“Thank you for my SomnoDent.  It has improved my quality of sleep and lowered my blood pressure.  Last visit to the doctor my reading was 126/76 and my sleep was great.  My blood pressure has dropped as well as my A1C and daily blood readings have all dropped.  Thanks again!”

-John, OSA patient (San Ramon, CA)


“I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and the solution was to give me a c-pap.  It was very uncomfortable.  The SomnoDent device is very effective and I adjusted to it very easily.  I haven’t slept this well in 5 years!”

Paul, OSA patient (Danville, CA)


“I really appreciate that Dr. Brown was the only doctor I’ve seen in 6 years that seemed to be interested in fixing the root of the problem, rather than just masking the symptoms. Thanks for everything.”    

Katy, patient (Clayton, CA)


“When I came to see Dr. Brown for grinding my teeth at night, he noticed that I had put “arthritis” in my medical history.  He told me about the Paleo Diet. I immediately started the Paleo Diet and have been on it for 5 months. My arthritis has greatly improved and the eczema I had on my foot for a year is gone. Thanks, Dr Brown! “

Monica, TMJ patient (Walnut Creek, CA)


“I have been very happy with what Dr. Brown has done with my TMJ issues. He really knows what he is talking about and seems very knowledgeable when it comes to jaw problems.

Melissa, TMJ patient (Dublin, CA)


“I really appreciate Dr. Brown’s enthusiasm for what he does and find his joy for helping people contagious.  It really is a pleasure to have seen patients come into the office and find relief for their pain and to see Aimee and Dr. Brown really make a difference in the quality of life for so many.”

– Susan, former employee (Livermore, CA)